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Wood Burning Stoves

Firebelly Razen Wood Burning Cookstove

  • Modern Wood Burning Cookstove Range Cooker
  • Maximum Heat output of 10kW
  • Energy Efficiency rating of 72%
  • 150mm (6") Top Flue vent only (Class 1)
  • Designed to be Freestanding or seamlessly integrated with Kitchen Units
  • Direct heat towards the Hot Plate or Oven or a combination of the two
  • Large Hot Plate with Rapid Response Hot Spot and plenty of room for simmering and plate warming on the remaining gradient heat plate
  • The Tall Oven is supplied with a an even heat system and comes with a shelf thermometer to precisely gauge the Oven temperature
  • Stove air inlet and Damping controls allow an Optimum wood burning facility
  • Removable Heat Shield for Flame viewing
  • Easily removed Ash Pan for ease of cleaning
  • Air Wash system helps to keep the glass window clear and clean
  • Adjustable Fire Bed allows large and small fires to burn effectively
  • Environmentally Friendly using a renewable fuel source and energy efficient
  • 4 Leveling Feet
  • Maximum Log length is 490mm
  • Total Cooker Depth of 897mm
  • *2 Year Manufacturers Warranty with Firebelly Stoves
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Firebelly Razen Wood Burning Cookstove

Firebelly Razen Wood Burning Cookstove
Product No: SM3723

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Specifications | Firebelly Razen Wood Burning Cookstove

External Dimensions
See Below
See Below
See Below

Class 1 Flue required (6 inch, 150mm)

Maximum Heat Output of 10kW with 72% Efficiency

Wood Burning Range Cooker


Oven Height
Oven Width
Oven Depth
Hot Plate Height
Hot Plate Width
Firebelly Razen Cookstove

*2 Year Warranty is subject to Manufacturers Terms and Conditions.

Please note: All Width, depth and height measurements in the above table are in millimeters (mm).

Please ensure to have a survey carried out by a qualified Hetas approved Solid Fuel engineer to check and certify the compatibility of your chimney with this stove before making any purchase to avoid disappointment. Note: This stove produces substantial heat output which may affect the interior and exterior appearance of the stove, over time through general wear and tear which is quite normal and to be expected when burning Solid Fuel. If you would like further information on Solid Fuel, call the Solid Fuel Association on 0845 601 4406 or Email or to have a look at their website Alternatively if you would like to find your nearest Hetas approved engineer, simply call HETAS on 0845 634 5626 or Email or to have a look at their Website where you will find a comprehensive list of engineers.

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NOTE: Although firebellystoves has done the utmost to make its stoves as safe as possible, please bare in mind that all stoves get very hot and that great care must be exercised when adjusting, loading, or moving your firebelly stove. Never leave vulnerable people alone in the room with a burning stove unless they are prevented from reaching it with a guard.

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